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Profoto Clic Creative Gel Kit
Top Brand
Brand: Profoto Model: 101301
Designed for their C1 Plus, A1X, and A1, the Clic Creative Gel Kit from Profoto bundles their rose pink, peacock blue, and yellow gels, each of which adds color to your images for fun and creative effects. These gels also shape light to create distinct looks. Each gel easily atta..
574.48 SR
Ex Tax:499.55 SR
Profoto OCF Color Gel Starter Kit
Top Brand
Brand: Profoto Model: 101037
OCF Color Gel Starter KitA kit with a Grid and Gel Holder and 10 popular gelsProduct number: 101037Gels are a great aid to your creativity with a number of different uses. Color correction gels allow you to blend your flash in a natural way with the ambient light, for example warm colored inter..
534.75 SR
Ex Tax:465.00 SR
Profoto OCF II Barndoors
Top Brand
Brand: Profoto Model: 101127
OCF II BarndoorShape light with precision.Product number: 101127The OCF II Barndoor is a compact and portable light shaping tool made for creative photographers on the go. The durable Profoto rubber collar mount together with the strong and durable metal clasp, attach safely and easily onto any..
885.50 SR
Ex Tax:770.00 SR
Profoto OCF II Snoot
Top Brand
Brand: Profoto Model: 101128
OCF II SnootReduce light spread and create crisp direct light.Product number: 101128The OCF II Snoot dramatically reduces the light spread from your OCF flash, providing a crisp and direct light with a round shape and no spill. Perfect for location shooting, the snoot is soft and easy to fold f..
339.25 SR
Ex Tax:295.00 SR
Godox Barndoors and color filters for AD200
Top Brand
Brand: Godox Model: BD-07
Godox BD-07 BarnDoor for Godox Witstro AD200Honeycomb Grid for Godox AD200 pocket flashWith 4 color filters (yellow, green, red and blue)While using the Godox AD200 with the BD-07 Barn Door kit, better shooting experience and better light effects will you getPackage:1x Barn Door, 1x Honeycomb Grid, ..
115.00 SR
Ex Tax:100.00 SR
Godox CF-07 Color Filters Kit for Speedlite
Top Brand
Brand: Godox Model: CF-07
CF-07Including 7 color filters: Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Full CT Orange, Half CT Orange, Quarter CT Orange.Easy to assembleThese filters can be installed on flash through a Velcro strap for quickly fastening to the flash unit, and fits most of the flashlight on the market. Ideal for enhancing skin ..
75.00 SR
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Godox Color Effects Set for Round Flash Heads
NEW Top Brand
Brand: Godox Model: V-11C
Godox V-11C OverviewMade for the Godox V1, H200R, and speedlights with the S-R1 adapter, the Color Effects Set for Round Flash Heads contains two each of 15 creative color gel filters. Included in the set are Bastard Amber, Straw, Light Amber, Light Flame, Golden Amber, Ligh..
65.00 SR
Ex Tax:56.52 SR
Godox H200R Round Flash Head for AD200
Top Brand
Brand: Godox Model: AD200
200Ws strong power spiral flash tube to give natural and soft light effectsAdopts a magnetic accessory port to achieve simple and fast installationSuitable for attach on AD200 AD200Pro pocket flash, attach on the AD200 extension Cord EC200Lightweigth and portable, built-in 4.3W LED modelign lampTo A..
350.00 SR
Ex Tax:304.35 SR
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