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Godox WL8P Waterproof LED light
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Brand: Godox Model: WL8P
WL4BAs a pocket-sized LED lamp with a durable metal body, it is ideal for shooting and filming on the move, even in challenging conditions. With high brightness, high color accuracy and adjustable color temperature, WL8P combines performance with portability.Water challengesWith an IP68 waterproof r..
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Nanlite Forza 720 Daylight LED Monolight
Available Soon
Brand: NANLITE Model: FORZA 720
The Forza 720 Daylight LED Monolight from Nanlite is made to fill production roles usually handled by powerful HMI lights in a much more lightweight, compact, and heat-efficient package. The COB LED component can deliver an immense amount of accurate, daylight-balanced light. It ..
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Brand: K&F Concept Model: GW51.0096
* [60m waterproof] IPX8 waterproof, silicone waterproof ring, waterproof tight screw, built-in 1CM thick waterproof glass, create excellent waterproof effect, waterproof depth can reach 60m/197 feet;* [Multi-mode switching] A variety of lighting modes are suitable for different scenes, white light: ..
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Brand: NANLITE Model: Forza500
Adopting a popular, easy-to-use form factor, the Forza 500 LED Monolight from NanLite has a daylight color temperature of 5600K with a high CRI/TLCI of 98/95, indicating accuracy in color rendition. The 12 x 8 x 5.6" fixture weighs just 5.5 lb, making it a welcome addition to you..
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Brand: Godox Model: SL300II
Godox SL300W II OverviewThe Godox SL300II LED Video Light is a daylight-balanced 300W LED monolite-style fixture suitable for broadcasting, cinematography, online streaming, and other video applications. Dimming settings range from 0% to full power, and the light comes with a reflecto..
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Brand: NANLITE Model: FORZA 300
Measures: 12 x 8 x 5.6"55-Degree Reflector, 5/8" Receiver5600K Daylight Color Temperature0 to 100% Dimming..
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Brand: NANLITE Model: FS-300
Adopting a familiar, intuitive form factor, the Nanlite FS-300 AC LED Monolight is a powerful fixture that employs COB LEDs with a color temperature of 5600K (for shooting in daylight-dominated environments) while its high CRI/TLCI rating of 96/98 is an indicator of advanced color renderin..
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Aputure Led Video Light LS C300d (V-Mount) Kit
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Brand: Aputure Model: Lsc300d Kit
The Light Storm LS C300d LED Light from Aputure is a Chip on Board (COB) designed fixture with a 5500K color temperature that consumes only 300W of power while outputting 4451 fc of light with a standard reflector at a distance of 1.6′. In addition to power efficiency, this fixtu..
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Brand: Godox Model: SL200II
 5600K daylight-balanced- Power Output of 200W- CRI/TLCI rating of 96/97- 0-100% Dimming- Wireless Remote Control..
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KingMa KM-200AI Mini Portable LED Video Light
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Brand: KingMa Model: KM-200AI
Features :- Intelligent pocket fill light: can adjust color temperature and brightness, built-in battery charger- Endurance time display: the battery usable time will be calculated automatically when the brightness is adjusted, and the use time will not be changed when the color temperature is adjus..
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Adopting the quality of light and the compact and lightweight form of the Forza 60 and 60B models, Nanlite has improved the performance and versatility of its second-generation Forza 60 II Daylight LED Monolight. Featuring an intuitive design with a daylight-balanced color temperature..
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Brand: Godox Model: FV200
Godox FV200 SpecsLight Fixture Photometrics 1672.2 fc / 18,000 Lux at 3.28' / 1 m Color Temperature 5600K ± 200K Color Accuracy Standard CRI 96 TLCI 95 Cooli..
1,750.00 SR
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Brand: Godox Model: FV150
Godox FV150 SpecsLight Fixture Photometrics 5388.2 fc / 58,000 Lux at 3.28' / 1 m Color Temperature 5600K ± 200K Color Accuracy Standard CRI 96 TLCI 97 Coo..
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Aputure Led Video Light LS C120T (V-Mount) Kit
-29 %
Brand: Aputure Model: Lsc120t KIT
3000K Color TemperatureBowens Mount18db Quiet FanWired Remote Controller BoxWireless Remote with 328′ RangeGold Mount Battery PlateBuilt-In Handle..
1,700.00 SR 2,395.00 SR
Ex Tax:1,478.26 SR
Godox Litemons LA150D Daylight LED Light
Available Soon
Brand: Godox Model: LA150D
Godox LA150D OverviewA versatile and intuitive lighting tool, the Litemons LA150D Daylight LED Light from Godox offers a budget-friendly lighting solution for YouTubers, livestreamers, content creators, and more. Providing a crisp beam of light with sharp shadows, this high-..
895.00 SR
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Brand: Godox Model: ML60
Color: 5600K, CRI/TLCI: 96/97Dimming: 0-100%, Includes Reflector32 Channels, 16 Groups, Optional Remote50W Draw, AC Adapter, Removable Handle..
999.00 SR
Ex Tax:868.70 SR
Godox SL60IID 5600K Continuous LED Light
Out Of Stock
Brand: Godox Model: SL60IID
The Godox SL60IID is the latest version of the popular Godox SL-60W LED video light, made popular by YouTubers, content creators and video/filmmakers alike. It's a popular COB LED studio light and excellent for product shooting, photojournalism and video recording, etc. It utilises a ..
650.00 SR
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Nanlite Forza 60 LED Monolight
-20 %
Brand: NANLITE Model: Forza 60
Measures: 7.6 x 4.1 x 3.2"55-Degree Reflector, 5/8" Receiver5600K Daylight Color Temperature0 to 100% Dimming..
874.00 SR 1,092.50 SR
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Aputure Amaran 100D daylight LED
Out Of Stock
Brand: Aputure Model: Amaran 100D
AMARAN 100D SPECIFICATIONSFull specifications will be available upon release.CCT5600KCRI95+TLCI95+CQS92SSI (D56)72Output Wattage100WPower Consumption130WOperating Current2.7AOperating Voltage, Battery48V/3AOperating Voltage, Power Supply Output48VOperating Voltage, Power Supply InputAC 100~240V..
875.00 SR
Ex Tax:760.87 SR
Brand: Aputure Model: Amaran 60D S
AMARAN COB 60D SPECIFICATIONSSPECIFICATIONSCCT5600KCRI≥96TLCI≥96CQS≥94TM-30 RF (Avg.)93TM-30 RG (Avg.)101SSI (D56)72Beam Angle (Bare Bulb)120°Beam Angle (Standard Reflector)15°Max Power Output65WMax Power Consumption76WOperating Current4AAC Power Input100V~240V, 50/60HzAC Power Supply Output19V..
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Brand: Godox Model: LED1000D II
Godox LED1000D II Specs Light Fixture Photometrics 5600K: 501.7 fc / 5400 Lux at 3.3' / 1 m Color Temperature 5600K ± 300K Color Accuracy Standard CRI 96 TLCI 98 ..
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Brand: Godox Model: WL4B
Godox WL4B OverviewThis black WL4B Waterproof LED Light from Godox is a small cube that measures less than 2" on a side, yet it packs a powerful daylight punch and can be mounted virtually anywhere thanks to its 1/4"-20 mounting hole and magnetic mounting capabilities. It fe..
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