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Camera Straps

CAN BE DETACHED USE AS A SINGLE STRAP Fotospeed ConnectorPatented & Unique Design Camera Strap ConnectorAviation Aluminium weight endurance 25 kgConnecting on CameraPosition LockThe Connector can be locked in position Camera does not slide when user is on the move.Why choose Fotospeed strap..
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Brand: LYNCA Model: UDK-11D
This LYNCA UDK-11D Powerful Hanging SLR Camera Belt is an excellent option for carrying your camera safely. Amazingly, thanks to aluminum-alloy plates that attach to the cameras’ tripod sockets hold your cameras like handguns, which is far more secure. This heavy-duty hip-mounted belt/holster s..
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Brand: LYNCA Model: AK-47II
Product descriptionYou will be able to use the camera strap on your side with the quick release strap, the voltage transfer point from fragilen neck to the shoulder. Fatigue it can also can be easily removed as much composition of shots through the camera's lens, not, you can photograph, while the c..
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